Neymar was the highlight of Paris Saint-Germain’s turn on Atalanta on the 12th, which guaranteed the French in the Champions League semifinals. Shirt number 10 took responsibility and kept alive the dream of conquering Europe for the first time for Parisians. At a press conference on Monday, Thomas Tuchel was not surprised by Neymar’s performance and praised the Brazilian leadership in the squad.

“He has always been a leader. He is a different leader. He leads by his quality, his confidence, his courage. He always wants to win with his hunger, his fighting spirit. We form a group with players like Ander Herrera, Keylor Navas, Pablo Sarabia They are guys who know very well how to live together, how to create a climate, how to train. This is the key to having Neymar at another level because you cannot win alone in this sport”, said the coach, in an interview this Monday (17).

Tuchel also talked about what he expects from the confrontation with RB Leipiz, especially if PSG has Neymar and MbappĂ©. “RB Leipzig is adapting to our structure, mainly defensively, so it is not the system that will make the difference. We cannot adapt. They defend themselves by advancing. They are very brave, always thinking about developing an attacking game, they are very young people, they run a lot. They don’t play like Atalanta, mainly individually, but it will be a very physical game. “