PSG took the lead, but took the turn of Nantes and ended up defeated by 2 to 1, yesterday (14), at Parque dos Princes, in a duel valid for the 29th round of the French Championship. The Paris club, once again, did not have Neymar, who is recovering from an injury to his left thigh. Draxler scored the team’s goal in the French capital, while Muani and Simon scored for the visitors.

The defeat prevented PSG from taking the French lead. The Paris team have 60 points, three less than Lille, who drew with Monaco earlier today. If he won, the club in the French capital would have become the new leader. Nantes is the antepenultimate, in 18th position, with 27 points, opening the relegation zone.

PSG opened the scoring in the 42nd minute. After hitting Nantes back, the ball was clear for Draxler to hit the corner. Nantes’ draw came in the second half. At 14, Mbappé gave a wrong pass on Muani’s foot, who dribbled Marquinhos and kicked to make everything equal at Parque dos Princes, the turning point happened on 26 minutes. PSG will return to the field next Wednesday (17) and host Lille for the French Cup.