Meunier made his exit from PSG on June 20, by failing to sign a contract extension agreement for the Champions League dispute. In an interview with the German agency DPA, the right-back criticized Leonardo, the technical director of the French club. He accused him of trying to make him play for free for Paris on the return of the Champions, without reaching an agreement, even though he is already an athlete of Borussia Dortmund.

This Friday, in an interview with Le Parisien, Leonardo gave his version of the story. According to the technical director of PSG, Meunier had already been closed with Borussia for some time (no need when). Paris Saint-Germain’s policy for athletes at the end of their contract was to extend their ties for another two months, as was done with defender Thiago Silva.

He contacted Borussia to check on the possibility of a loan during the final stretch of the season. The German club asked for a payment, and the deal did not progress. “Under these conditions, it would be impossible. There is no reason to act differently with him. Paris Saint-Germain never disrespected him. We wanted to extend the contract, he didn’t want to, he was in his right,” said Leonardo.