In this transfer window, we will not have a soap opera. A lot has changed. And the exit that was once taken for granted today is just a daydream. Neymar should not leave PSG now. Not for Barcelona or anywhere. Neymar is happy in Paris. In the club and in the city. The atmosphere in the locker room has never been so good. In addition to the already established friends and the always evident closeness to the Brazilians, shirt 10 created bonds with more people. Clear examples are Di Maria and Paredes.

Neymar is currently in a more competitive and stronger team than Barcelona. In a year, the Catalonia team lost strength, went into crisis, changed coaches (and must change again), and has no money for reinforcements. President Josep Maria Bartomeu has already said that he will not even try to buy the Brazilian now.

The certainty at the beginning of the season that leaving was the best way has changed. Neymar wanted to prove that he could be extremely professional and continue to yield even with his head away. But time has passed. Confidence in coach Thomas Tuchel only increased and the relationship with the crowd improved. The turbulence seems to have done Neymar well.