The economic crisis brought about by the pandemic appears to have affected some of Paris Saint-Germain’s plans for the future. The main stars of the Parisian team, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé end their contract in less than two years, but according to L’Équipe, the main French newspaper, only one of them should remain in the Parque dos Princes.

Despite wanting the pair to stay with the club for as long as possible, PSG is unable to renew the contract for both players at once, and everything indicates that the name chosen will be Mbappé. If that is the board’s decision, Neymar should join PSG’s list of transferable players, easing the Parisians’ financial situation in an attempt to renew with Mbappé.

The number 10 Brazilian started conversations with PSG to extend his bond but made some demands that the French club cannot meet in this pandemic moment. In relation to Mbappé, shirt 7 recently refused some offers from PSG to renew.