Neymar is different since football returned in Europe after the stoppage due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The Brazilian, who has taken over as a leader behind the scenes at Paris Saint-Germain, wants to win the Champions League, set the goal with his teammates, and changed his own behavior to reach the goal in August.

Visibly more dedicated on the pitch, shirt 10 has avoided fights and confusion, won the confidence of the squad for their posture, and has paralyzed nightlife until the continental tournament. PSG will face Atalanta in the quarterfinals of the Champions League on August 12, at Estádio da Luz. From this stage onwards, the matches will be all in single matches and in Portugal.

Internally, people close to the player say the Brazilian likes and trusts the PSG team. Even for making this clear in the cloakroom, he gained, even more, the confidence of his teammates, who were encouraged by the union in favor of the Champions title.